Food Canning Establishment (FCE)

FDA Registration of companies selling foods in metal tins and cans | |

Anyone wishing to can low-acid foods must use certified equipment, have received proper training at a “Better Process Control School” and keep extensive records as specified by federal regulations.

Better Process Control School (BPCS)

■ course approved by the Food and Drug Administration as well as the United States Department of Agriculture

■ for processors of acidified and low acid canned foods

■ offered online, 2 day workshop (acidified only) or a 3 1/2 day workshop for the entire course.

■ Participants must pass the exams with a score of 70% or higher to become BPCS certified

1. Food Microbiology of Canning
2. Food Container Handling
3. Food Plant Sanitation
4. Records for Production Protection
5. Principles of Thermal Processing
6. Process Room Instrumentation, Equipment, and Operation.


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Food Canning Establishment Registration (FCE)
Scheduled Process Identification (SID)
U.S. Agent Service (Foreign Companies)


Why should you register your company?

The global canned food industry is
expected to reach $108 billion by 2022

Innovative product offerings with a focus on convenience, quality and eco-friendliness are expected to drive the market growth.

Companies that manufacture or process, pack, hold low-acid canned foods (LACF) and acidified foods (AF) for human or animal consumption in the U.S. are required to obtain a Food Canning Establishment (FCE) registration before exporting or distributing their food products.

They must also file documentation for each process used in the production of low-acid canned and acidified foods, in order to obtain Scheduled Process Identification (SID) Numbers.

Are subject to the FDA regulations canned vegetables, mushrooms, some fruits
fish and acidified products stabilized by heat sterilization treatment (pasteurization of acidified product).

These products are low acid, pasteurized, sterilized or acidified and sold in metal tins & cans canisters, drums, pails buckets, jars, bottles flexible pouches or tetra paks.

FDA Registration of companies selling foods in metal tins and cans, canisters, drums, pails, buckets, jars, bottles, flexible pouches or tetra paks | |

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